Saturday, August 11, 2007

NASA maps show the earth is cooling

I was looking at the GISS site this morning and discovered a great feature - you can plot temperature trends. During the 21st century, the GISS data shows worldwide temperatures have been generally been neutral or declining as seen in the figures below. Europe, central Canada, Alaska, the US southwest and much of the ocean area have shown a trend towards lower temperatures. Parts of Canada have cooled several degrees since 2000. Only a few isolated places showed strong warming trends.

To generate the plots yourself - go to

and use the settings shown below, with different projection types.

Below are the same plots with only anomalies greater than 0.5 degrees shown. Tough seeing any indication that the earth is warming, and this data is directly from Dr. James Hansen's web site. It might also be noted that the data only goes through 2006. The large warm bands in the Atlantic and Pacific have since disappeared, so next year's plot will be even more damning to AGW theory.

To see additional cooling during 2007 - follow this link-


Paul said...

Can you show temperatures at 1 deg intervals as in your previous post?


Paul said...

BTW, I've just added your blog to my Global Warming Crap Favorites list.


Patrick Henry said...


Glad to help. I updated with > 0.5 degree plots.

BTW - I also have a Geology degree, which is why I am finding the oil/volcanic explanations particularly interesting.