Monday, August 20, 2007

Neanderthals protest shrinking glaciers

Europe - 10,000 BC

Newflash - Neanderthals across Europe stripped down today to protest shrinking glaciers and end of their beloved glacial lifestyle. "We used to have at least 3,000 feet of ice here, but global warming has shrunk that to almost nothing" said Dr. Ugh Handsome, self-proclaimed spokesman for the Neanderthal Allied Spaced Agency. "Sea level has risen and flooded our favorite boneyards."

The recent rise in temperature has been attributed by Dr. Handsome to greenhouse gas emissions from campfires and rotting mammoth carcasses. Dr. Handsome wants to see more human sacrifices to prevent further loss of glacial ice.

Dr. Handsome

Neanderthals pose for naked photo shoot.

Disclaimer - any similarity to more evolved humans is completely coincidental.

Lucy, the Global Warming pin-up girl, is clearly distraught from the disappearance of the glaciers. Either that or she is just chewing on her finger.

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